Since Ages Our World has been Adorned and Graced by the Presence of Many Living Legends Whose Hardships, Struggles and Ultimate Journey to Supreme Success has Illuminated, Influenced and Inspired Zillion of Lives Across the Globe. With their Profound Thoughts, Innovate Ideas and Unbound Passion, They have Significantly Revolutionised the Thinking Process and Brought a Paradigm Shift in the Way We Believe, Conceive and Perceive Our Existence. Yet the Number of People Who Have Made their Life As a Benchmark for Great Human Potential and Endeavour in Significantly Small.
But The Pertinent Question Comes arises here is WHY IS IT SO?

Why Only Few Make It Big? What Goes Wrong With Others or What Stops Others to Make it Big?

With Plethora of Knowledge and Vast Resources of Literature Available to Us, at Present Times, We can Conquer the Whole World with Prudent Wisdom and Prolific Success. Here Success doesn’t mean Being Successful only in Professional Terms or Acquiring More Materialistic Gain. Success here Stands for :
S: Steadfast in Truth and Honesty
U: Unambiguity in Thought Process
C: Clear Conscience and Pure Intentions
C: Compassionate and Courageous
E: Empathetic and Energetic
S: Spiritually Strong and Ethically Profound
S: Selfless Servitude; Service to Mankind is Service to GOD

When We Look at and Study the Lives of Missionaries and Visionaries Who Have Revolutionized and Transformed the Lives of Others, We see that they are Propelled and Pushed by a Strong Motive and Purpose. Their Only Mission and Vision of Life is to do More Better, More Bigger and More Brighter not for themselves for for the Whole World Around them.

Their Grit and Gusto Defines their Gestures and Ventures. They are Givers and only Believe in Giving.

Certainly, This is one of the Major Reason Why this World has Witnessed a Small Number of Highly Successful People. Having a Vision of only Self-Gratification or Self Centred Growth, may suffice a Certain Level of Financial Success but it may not lead to Something referred as Prosperity with Contentment and and Fulfillment.

A Self Centred Growth and Success may Influence the People to a Certain Extent, but it will never Live as a Strong Inspiration. Given a Choice What Would Choose to be a “A Short Term Influence or a Long Term Inspiration.

If You are a Person Who Eat, Drink and Sleep the Same Philosophy, then
Becoming the Part of IN THE ZONE will be a
Home Coming to You.

Many People Like Me and You in this Beautiful World have decided to Live a Better and Purposeful Life rather than an Average and Mediocre Life. But what was the Inclination and The Intention was to Achieve Something Better and Bigger in Terms of Purpose and Passion Rather than Live a Materialistic and Mundane Life Devoid of Any Sense of Fulfillment. But Do You Think it is so easy to Achieve What We Truly Conceive, Believe and Perceive?
So, We, Seek for Opportunities and Different Options Which Can Make Come Uncommon Dream Come True. Some Seem Feasible and Some Seem Hard to Make It, But Somehow with Whatever We Can Do, We take Up and Start Building Something Concrete in the Directions of Our Goals. The Biggest Irony Here is “Not Everyone Who Decides to Start will be Able to Start”.
Decisions Define, Design and Realign Destinies But Taking Decisions and Sticking to them is not Everyone’s Cup of Tea. Everyone Wants to Scale Higher and Upgrade in Life But Few Achieve It. WHY?
Decisions Demand Strong Minds, Tough Action, and Absolute Focus. Do We All Have that NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE?
These Questions have thronged us for Centuries and Till Date, We are Finding Answers to these Questions, As We haven’t reached up to a Definite Answer. The Answers lies WITHIN US only. The Reason Why People People Fail and Feel Disempowered is not that they lack the Potential or are not serious about their Dreams. In fact, Majority of them have much more Calibre and Potential than Those Who are Highly Successful, and Many of them had a Bigger Vision and Mission to Pursue. But What was Missing was the Right Environment.

To Blossom into a Beautiful Flower, Every Single Seed needs to Groomed, Nurtured and Looked After.
“Stimulating Environments Nurture Spirited Souvenirs”

To the Core, these were the Questions Which have Incepted the Thought to Form IN THE ZONE CONNECTING SOULS

We keep thinking to Answer these Questions, with Time the Old Negative Notions and Limitations Will Start Moving Out and New Beliefs and Values will Start Coming In. You will Realize that The Universe Will Give Answers to those Who Seek with a Strong Belief.
It was Jan 2018, When Four People with the Common Set of Beliefs and Values has Come Together. This Formation Seemed Nothing Less than a Master Plan. It may be Easy to Make a Team Whole Simply Aiming to Work for Some Monetary Benefits but When it Comes to Helping Others by Keeping Monetary Gains, Not as a Priority Needs Something like Divine Power. That’s Why We Call this Formation as a Master Plan.

So, We Present here these Four People and
What was So Common that Made them Stick Together?


  • Has Purpose Higher than Self
  • Willingness to Help Other with Divine Intentions
  • Believe in Living with Freedom
  • Spiritual Science & Faith in God
  • Truthfulness, Honesty, and Integrity
  • Always Open to learn
  • Vegetarians
  • Accept the Imperfections and Helps To Improve Each Other
  • No feelings of Insecurity & Has Maturity in Keeping Harmony in Relationships
  • Oneness in Intentions
  • All Four have tasted Success and Failures in Professional and Financial Domains.
To Make Any Mission Successful there must be a Team who not only Work Together but also Trust Each Other. With time, the Trust will be Tested, Beliefs with Which We get Started may get Shaken by Situations but What Matters Most in the Whole Journey is that Are We on to Same Page irrespective of Ups and Downs?
To reaffirm this, we all 4 have spent a lot of time before we launch IN THE ZONE officially. More than what it takes to make it as the professional success (Outside) we were focused on how we 4 are going to help each other (Inside).

This led to the Birth of


Our Vision is of a WORLD in which Every Person is Working for a PURPOSE Bigger than Self with One's Full Potential in a HAPPIER and HEALTHIER Environment where in PROSPERITY with FULFILLMENT becomes a By-Product of the Whole Process and Eventually the WORLD around Emerges as a Better Place to LIVE.


To Constantly CREATE a VALUE BASED Environment Where PEOPLE get EMPOWERED to Unleash their True Potential and Help Other Individuals to Find, Understand and Fulfil the PURPOSE of their LIFE.

Core Values


People are our Greatest Assets. We are Committed to Act with Care and Compassion for every life We touch.


‘Service Through Heart’ is the credo the In the Zone Lives by. We are Committed to Serve our Fellow Beings and Community with Excellence, Respect and Devotion.


Being Ethical and Honest in everything that We do lies at the DNA of IN THE ZONE.


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