Hiren Patel (Bhai) and I, Got Connected on a Common Whatsapp Platform "Sparking Authors Group", When for the First Time, I couldn’t Restrict Myself than Reading a Unique Blog on Father's Day - "My Mother is My Father", Which Created a Huge Respect in My Heart for the Author as well as for His Brave Mother. It was a Soul Touching Real Life Story of None other than a Benevolent Person, Hiren Patel.
When I was told that He Has Read Around 500 books, I was very Impressed that At Such A Young Age, He is So Well Read. The Best Part is, He hasn’t just Read but Has Actually Implemented Many Things Which Has Made Him Who He is. I See Him Constantly Improving Himself and He Really Believes in Sharing is Caring. All His Sharing on their Blog is Inspirational. He has Great Values and I Wish Him All the Best.