You Can Understand My Confusion by Reading The Title of This Article.


As I am a Spiritual Person and have gone through Many Experiences in the Field of Spirituality which has helped me to Find out Real Potential of Myself in Every Single Situation.


The Experience Which I had on 2nd June of 2018 at WESTIN HOTEL, PUNE With AASHWASAN Group was very Unique and Life Transforming One.

I thought that WHY to keep this Wonderful Experience with me only and WHY not to share with Everyone which can make the Positive Impact and can be useful if one is Seeking for it.

I will try my best to keep it simple and straight as much as possible because I am so much excited while Sharing it.

Firstly I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Chetan Bansal and Ms. Gazal Goyal Bansal for giving me the opportunity to have a Wonderful Experience which helped me to get Many Answers to my unanswered questions.

It was an afternoon 3:30 PM on 2nd June of 2018, Sunday.

We registered ourselves and entered in that Conference hall where we were going to Experience Life Transforming Experience. Though there were only 25-30 people only, the Energy was Amazing.

Now it was time to witness Ms. RASHMI AYYAPA Live. Before I talk about what has happened, let me give the brief idea about AASHWASAN and MS. RASHMI AYYAPA.

Aashwasan is a Spiritual Science Organization in the World that brings in the Knowledge of Lifeforce Mechanism and Timeless Phenomenon to Transform Lives. Aashwasan Foundation was founded by Rashmi Aiyappa in the year 2006, who was born with the knowledge of Lifeforce Mechanism and Timeless Phenomenon.

She has invented various tools and techniques using her inborn knowledge that has brought Aashwasan as a Path Breaking Movement Worldwide. These tools and techniques have brought about the Revolutionary Transformation in thousands of individuals all over the world.

This transformation is brought by putting people in touch with their infinite self, thus bringing in the Holistic Well Being at Physiological, Psychological and Spiritual levels. Aashwasan has registered a Public Charitable Trust – Aashwasan Foundation, which extends its unique services to support the economically challenged section of the society.

Now, let me share what I have experienced there in those 7 hours of Journey called, BEYOND TIME AND SPACE INTO THE WORLD UNDISCOVERED.

The very first statement she gave which had stucked me a lot was,

I am not gonna teach you anything or share with you anything which you don’t know, I am here to listen to your experiences which will help me to learn more about myself.


What an Attitude to Live Life with the Mind of Learning from Each Person’s Life Experiences and Evolving as a Person.

Then she started interacting with all of us. One Individual asked that,

He is facing health issues and not able to get healed for a long time, so how to recover from it?

And here she gave eye-opening answer that,



That means If I am having any kind of Disease, definitely there is a cause behind it which happened to be an EFFECT as Disease of that particular CAUSE. That means If I take care of that particular CAUSE then I can control EFFECT also.

That Means I can Cure every Disease even before it appears.

She explained in detailed that, When Exactly We Get Seek or We Experience Disease.

For Example, In Our Home, we have many SwitchBoards to operate all Electric Things like A.C, TubeLight, Washing Machine etc.S

Now If We Switch Off the Main Switch of that house what will happen, All things get switched off. Now, No Matter How many times You Switch On, Switch Off other Switches but until and unless We start the Main Switch, It will not gonna work out.

Same way,

If We are not connected with Our Main Switch (Main Source, God, Supreme Energy Or Universe) Whatever you believe in, then nothing gonna work out no matter how hard we try.

So First Thing I have realized here is if I am having any kind of Diseases or Challenges in my life then I have lost the Connection with Main Source and thus facing consequences in terms of having Health issues, Relationship Issues, Wealth Issues or Social issues etc.


What a Realisation!!!!

Now we had tea break for 45 mins and Got time to relax after having such an unbelievable interaction with Ms. Rashmi. Here We were requested to keep one secret question in our mind which we did not ask or shared with anyone.

Because In Second Half We were going to get the answer without uttering the single word!


During This Time I was in deep thinking that what all things I have realized and Now what I am going to do with it and all that.

And Time has arrived to attend witness Unbelievable Life Transforming Experience. Eventually, Which were going to change Entire Direction of my Life. I was sooooo excited about it.

This time while we were entering, there was the particular method to enter where the Representative of AASHWASAN Group did something about which we didn’t have any idea. But I was not questioning anything because in the first half only Ms. Rashmi told that Finding Logic in Everything is Manipulation of Essence and thus we are Facing Issues in Life. Rather We should Experience it, without trying to understand the logic behind it and see if helps you.

So I submitted myself to Experience Whole Session in order to reach Ultimate Purpose of it. Now As we entered the  Hall, There was a Specific Set Up which took all My Attention in One Second. I believe that I won’t be able to put in words so you need to experience by yourself.

Now Zero Frequency Healing session started where we did the normal breathing for 30 mins and then Ms. Rashmi told that Close your eyes and Hold your hands with each other and Relax.

Now, this was the time for which I was there I believe. I lost all physical senses and was Experiencing very powerful energy flow which was like high voltage electric current.

I was getting Clear Visuals of My Whole Life – What Has Happened, What is Happening and What is Going to Happen.


When I opened up my eyes, I thought it was 45 mins to 1 hour but it was 2.5 hours time. Now I was altogether different from inside and was not able to utter the single word for next 30-45 mins.

After having such a unique experience, Everyone was Sharing their feeling of the process. Everyone was satisfied and got all answers what we were seeking for.

We got special time to interact with Ms. Rashmi one on one also where she was Sharing her wisdom with us.

We all of us got Invitation to visit AASHWASAN at Bangalore. Let see When Universe Gives the Opportunity to visit the Place from which this Revolution has started.

Here I am concluding My Article by putting my takeaways which I got from this Life Transforming Experience.

  • I should Love Myself.
  • We All Are One.
  • We Are More Than We Think.
  • I should Never Doubt or Ignore or Neglect Intuition.
  • I should Spread Love, Smile, Happiness and it all will comebacks to me only which will feed.
  • DISEASES are not Natural.
  • There is Nothing Permanent in Universe. The Only Soul is Permanent, So Feed the Soul as it is the only thing which You gonna Live with Forever.
  • Make Good Memories.
  • Care for Everyone, Love Everyone, Be Happy All The Time and Spread Abundance.
  • Wait For Right Time.

Thank You & Stay Blessed!!!

Jay Shree Krishna

Hiren Patel

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