Mother’s Love is Limitless

मातृदेवो भव:।।

Yes, We all know how our Vedas teach us to Worship Mother as a God. As of 13th May 2018 is Mother’s Day, I thought to share my views…

Mother is the only person who knows her child 9 months more than the rest of the world. As I used to hear that in my childhood that God can not reach everywhere every time so God Created Mother.

So, We all are having God with us in form of Mother.

  • Who is always there to take care of us.
  • Who is always available for any kind of help.
  • Who always comes as the savior in difficult times.
  • Who becomes the strongest pillar for us to build us.

Now as We Say,

?? मातृदेवो भवः।। ??

Which means that Our Vedas are teaching us to treat our mother as a God. Now On Mother’s Day, I would like all of you to pay attention to ourselves as well as on surrounding and ask ourselves Honestly by putting your hand on heart that,

Are we really treating Mothers as God?  If You ask me personally my opinion, My Answer is Not at all.

Even What I am experiencing in our so-called Modern Society is these Values are now ideal and We so-called Modern Civilised People are making culture that once we get married then we should live in the separate house in order to live happily and Peacefully. So Pathetic it is that who brought us into this world, because of whom we are where we are and when the time comes that we need to take care of her, We just simply say that our thought process is different ( Generation Gap) so it will be better not to stay together.

Yes obviously still there are many People who are taking care of their mothers beautifully.

But if you take as 100% then as per my Belief, We will only get 20-25% people like that. Rest all are busy in their enjoyment and professional Life. Everyone has the excuse that they don’t have enough time so they won’t be able to take care. And what a strange it is that One Mother is able to take care of 5 children equally but those 5 children when becoming adults then they will say that they won’t be able to take care of one Mother.

I am not talking negative but this is the reality if you look around and so it’s our moral Responsibility to bring back such morals in our society what our Vedas teaches us.

Let me share my life experience with my mother.

As I look back on my childhood days, When I was sick then my mom was there for each and every moment to take care. It doesn’t matter that it was morning, evening or midnight. No matter how much busy she was in housework but still she will have eyes on me. My Mom used to teach me everything, be it School Education or Life Education. She has been the Source of My Strength for last 23 years and will continue to be Strength for rest of my life… What she has given to me in my life can’t be expressed in words…

I totally agree that Mother’s Love is never Ending Love, Mother’s care is the Best Care, Mother’s Support is the best Support, Mother’s Education is the Best Education.

I was thinking that how one person can justify these many roles.

  • When She is the Wife, she is always the strength of her husband.
  • When She is Daughter, she is always the most helping person for her family.
  • When She becomes Mother, she is the world for her Children’s.

As we all know that scientifically also proved that, Human Body can bear only Up to 45 Del (Unit) Of Pain. Yet at time of giving birth, a mother feels up to 57 Del (Unit) Of Pain. This is similar to 20 Bones getting fractured at a time. Can you imagine it now, the mother’s Pain & Love? We need to remember that once we born, her responsibility only increases.

Here how it goes, A Mother

  • When you’re the child she walks before You… to set an example.
  • When you’re a teenager she walks behind You…in case if you need her help.
  • When you’re an adult walks beside that as two friends you can enjoy life together.

Actually, I am not getting words which can describe Character of Mother or I can say that Nothing can justify what mother does for her Children’s. Here I want to conclude this article by conveying my feelings for Mothers in form of this poem.

?⚡? माँ की ममता ?⚡?

में सोच रहा था एक दिन अपने मन में।
अगर दुनिया मे माँ ना होती तो क्या होता।।

फिर में समजा दुनिया का सच।
अरे माँ ना होती तो दुनिया ना होती।।

जिसने मुझे दुनिया में लाया।
वो माँ ही है मेरी दुनिया।

माँ का प्रेम तो अमृत है।
भाग्यशाली है वो जिसे मातृरूप अमृत मिला है।।

हें माँ ऐसा क्यों जब भी में रोता।
आँशु तेरी आँखों में पाता।।

हें माँ ऐसा क्यों जब में हुं गिरता।
मेरे गिरने का दर्द तुझे होता ।।

हें माँ बस इतना बता दे मुजे।
तेरा ये कर्ज़ में कैसे चुका पाऊंगा इस जन्म में।।

इतना तो में समज गया ये दुनिया देखने के बाद।
माँ जितना बड़ा दिल हैं नही किसी के पास।।

बस इतना ही कहना चाहता हूं आज|
माँ की ममता ही पूरी दुनिया के सुख का राज।।

Thank You & Stay Blessed!!!

Jay Shree Krishna

Hiren Patel

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