“Your Association Decides Your Future.”

The Wheel of Life has Many Spikes. Each Spike has a Different Meaning and A Purpose Attached to it. To have a Smooth and Beautiful Ride of the Journey of Life, Each Spike of the Wheel Needs to be Maintained, Lubricated and Decorated.

There are Many Associations in the Life to Cater for Different Purposes;

With all these Different Needs and Requirements in Life, We the Team IN THE ZONE Came Up with a Mission and Vision to Help and Serve Humanity through Holistic Approach and Development based on Confidentiality, Honesty and Integrity. We Strongly Believe in the Philosophy of Growing and Gaining Together through Beautiful and Harmonious Association and Relationship.

It is Rightly said: “Your Association Decides Your Future.”

Here is an Opportunity Where You Will
Have Right Association with a Divine
Intention of Connecting Souls. Here
“Connecting Souls” Symbolizes ‘Eternity
with Deep Integrity’.

IN THE ZONE is about Creating New Aspirations, New Hopes & New Possibilities through dedicated Team Work, Ethical Values and Supreme Spirituality. Its Foundation Stands on a Rock Strong Principle that Whatever You Do, if You Do with Pure Love, Honesty and Integrity, Infinite Intelligence Governs and Guides You. One feels Consciously connected with his Conscience and a Strong Belief Emerges and Suffices that Nothing is Impossible. IN THE ZONE implies Being in Zone Where a Person Identifies His Core Potential and Unleashes it.

In the Zone Club Sessions are Conducted Every Sunday which includes Interactive Talks on following:

In the Zone Club Provides the Basic
Premises of Healthy and Happy life
Where Jubilant Health, Inner Peace,
Financial Prosperity and Harmony in
Relationships both Personal as well as
Professional Reign Supreme

Services Covered under IN THE ZONE Club

Breathing Exercises & Meditation
Healing Therapies
Sessions and Seminars
Mindfulness Talks
Planned Activities for Kids
Outbound Retreat for Rejuvenation
Spiritual Library
Spiritual Music
Club Dining

In the Zone Club Sessions are held Every Week on Sunday.

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