Kids are Special in Every Way and they are the Lifelines.

If the Kids are Happy, Each Home is Happy. Every Child is a Special, and Each Child Specialises in Special Way. We need to Understand the Dichotomy as a Parent, as a Teacher, and as a Guide.

Children are both the Beautiful Creations and the Creators of the World. They need to be Groomed, Governed and Guided by love, Affection & a Congenial Atmosphere.

Academics is not the Sole Solution to Every Problem in Life. Children Need Much More. In these Perplexing and Taxing Times, there is a Strong Need for a Balanced Mindset and Lifestyle and a Formidable Blend of the Inner World with the Outer World.

In our Fast-Paced lives Disposed and Exposed to the Hype of Global Media and Buzz of Social Media, We risk losing Touch with Our Roots.

We at ITZ believe We can Create a World, together, Where the Essence of Every Child – Regardless of their Culture or Background – is Seen and Honored, and Where All Children are taught Resilience, Empathy, and Self-Worth alongside their Academics.

We Commit to Creating Quality and Transformational Social-Emotional Educational Content for Children to Ensure Healthier, More Purposeful, and Empowered Lives for Future Generations.

Let’s Get Back to Our Roots through Culture Reorientation and Rejuvenation and Give Our Kids an Exciting Journey Ride into Our Rich Vedic Heritage and Spiritual Vastness.

To Regale, Rejoice and Rejuvenate the Childhood, We have Planned a Series of Activities for Young Guns.

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